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Author notification

Authors will be notified about the outcome of their submissions during the week commencing 13th February 2023. The notification will be sent to the submitting author only.

Please do not call the office for details prior to this date should you have any queries regarding the outcome of your submission. Please note, we are only able to provide information to the person who submitted the abstract.

Review panel themes

  1. Advocacy and infant mental health policy
  2. Antenatal and perinatal practices
  3. Attachment: research, security of attachment and disorders of attachment
  4. Caregiving contexts
  5. Cross cultural studies – Global strategies for infants, families and communities
  6. Early development, child health and mental health
  7. Evaluation and outcomes: scientific studies and early interventions
  8. Infant mental health services, training, teaching, supervision and consultation
  9. Observation and assessment: diagnosis, treatment and clinical issues
  10. Parent-infant interaction and early relationship development
  11. Parenting and family process
  12. Prematurity and high-risk infants
  13. Problems, symptoms and disorders of the infant
  14. Problems with parenting and high risk families (e.g. adolescent parenting, parental substance abuse, family violence and child abuse)
  15. Promotion and prevention in community context
  16. Ethical responses to cultural diversity, equity and racism

Submission categories

Scientific and clinical abstracts were submitted under the following presentation submission categories:

  • Brief Oral Presentation
  • Poster Presentation
  • Poster workshop
  • Workshop
  • Symposium
  • Video presentation
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